real reviews from real people

Putting your time, investment and trust in a person, a teacher, a workshop....that shit is real and its not something I take lightly. Lets take a bit of the risk out and let you hear from real people who have experienced it first hand. 


review 1

Working with Andria was a game changer not only for my brand but the entire way I think about myself and my business. I walked into it feeling a bit bored by my brand and clients, and I walked out with the energy and enthusiasm to change my business into something that challenges and inspires me. Something that adds life to my days, rather than sucks life from my days. It has dramatically adjusted the way I think about my business and myself and I think the things I learned at the workshop will affect and inform my decisions for the entire future of my brand. 

Andria's message of empowerment, that I am the one in charge of my brand, and if I don't like it, I am the one who can fix it. I can do whatever I want! At first this was a little discouraging because I wanted her to just tell me how to make my business exactly what I wanted. But then I realized she just did...the reality is that I'm the only one who can make that happen. And it should be fluid as I grow and change, so it's neat that the message is fluid as well. 


Signing up for Andria's workshop was a no-brainer. i really just hoped some of her magic would rub off on me. but attending it, learning from such a master and a photographer i'd looked up to for years, was incredible. she's an open book with her wisdom, her talk sessions were rich with information, and the environment she cultivated was one of confidence + respect. it's been like, 3 years since I attended her workshop and I honestly still look back at the notes I wrote down that week, the ideas and mindset I had during those few days still inspire the work I do today. After leaving, I was on fire -- my burnout was over and i was motivated to redefine my work + brand, take care of my clients in new ways, and branch out in my creativity. And now, I'm surpassing my goals, teaching my own workshops, and constantly booking my "ideal" client. investing in my education + business via Andria's workshop was worth every penny! 



review 3

I went in with not a lot of expectation, but just wanted to soak up and be open to whatever I could learn. I knew I needed to figure out what I was doing or quit photography all together. Listening to her passion for business got me fired up again, and i knew that with just some adjustments to my business, brand, and voice I could take my business where I wanted it to go and build a successful business for myself.

Tangible and practical in any season of business - You will walk away with tools and a new vision for your business and creating your own path. She is direct and doesn’t play around. she has heart and passion in what she says and work to back it up. She practices what she preaches and is damn good at it! If you want a kick in the pants and someone to tell it like it is and gain a new passion for your business, go! 

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review 5

Choosing to attend a workshop with Andria was some of the best money I could have spent on my business. Her style of teaching is clear and concise and makes you feel like “f**k yeah, I CAN do this!” You can tell she not only cares about creating badass images but creating an amazing client experience that leaves people feeling great. That has been the biggest influence in my business by learning to create that client experience unique to me and attracting the clients I want to photograph. If you’re wanting to step up your business and figure out that secret sauce to make your business really shine, Andria is your girl.


review 6

If you're on the fence about booking, then just go ahead and do it. Clearly something is missing from your business or you're just trying to start it up and get it going. Her workshop COMPLETELY changed my business, or lack there of before attending. Andria teaches in a way that is empowering and puts her words into practice so you can see how she makes the magic and how it could work for you and your business. Hands down the best investment I've ever made for myself and my photography biz.




Andria doesn't mess around with fluff or unnecessary cheerleading. She comes to the table with real, actionable steps to create the results you're looking for in your business, no matter your personality, experience, or photography style. I love that she preaches building a strong business front instead of just taking pretty photos. 10/10 would recommend any platform where you get to hear Andria speak, teach, and share her passion for this industry.