who is andria lindquist online best for?

Well, photographers to start. The workshops, mentor sessions and classes are best suited for photographers who are on the edge of big growth. If you feel stuck in the same spot, searching for direction and your voice to present to your clients - AL/O is for you. Those looking to develop a cohesive look with your editing and imagery - and tighten up what you blog and present to the outside. Workshops will cover everything it takes to run a successful photography businesss. Mentor sessions are highly customizable to your needs and online classes will cover tons of topics, some more in depth and some one stop shop. If you're craving change in your business, let me be the one to help get you there. 

when is your next workshop?

Seattle is comin in hot June 12 (that's a tuesday) and then the optional Live Shoot day June 13th. Another workshop is scheduled for later in the fall as well, but those details will be up later this summer. Get on the list to get first dibs on a spot. 

when will the online classes come out?

This is going to be quite the endeavor for the year. My aim is to release my online classes in 2018. I will be releasing a handful of classes that you'll be able to purchase individually or in a bundle. Get on the mailing list to be notified when they will be launching.


how many mentor sessions will you be Booking?

I will only be taking on 1-2 per month to allow myself the time to fully commit, research and be present for those who have signed up. If I dont currently have space available, email me to book your spot a month or two in advance.  


how often will you be releasing new templates?

Oooh, aren't they so fun? I'm so passionate about getting well organized and beautiful templates in the hands of your clients, I'm so jazzed to be releasing more as I go. Aiming for a set to be released once every quarter. 

are you so excited?

Yes, yes i am. This is something I've had in the back of my mind for so long and its finally time to bring her to life. I'm bursting with excitement for all the variety I have going on...every single part of Andria Lindquist Online is something that literally gives me life. I really want to provide info and materials to photographers that will help them bring on big change. We often just need that little nudge to be challenged, make some changes and see your brand grow! I'm so happy to be bringing this gal to life and carve out a new part of business for myself.