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We judge books by their covers. Buy wine by the label. and yep, clients like to book with photographers who have pretty shit to look at. 


A big part of being an entrepenuer is knowing where your strengths lie and where your weaknesses are. This is something that allows us to best use our time, not only for times sake but to also present ourselves as the strongest brand we can be. I think we often aim to take on everything, because thats the entrepreneurs heart. We want to be the one to do it. But many times, this can hold us back. We either do it at a lesser quality or just dont do it at all. A big part of growing as a business owner, is knowing when hiring out will actually make your brand stronger and better - which results in more bookings and better client experience. 

enter templates for your pricing guides, what to wear and the sought after wedding bible. 

these are things that act as a strong handshake to your client. set you apart from possibly the handful at best group of photographers that couple is inquiring with and best of all, present your information in an organized way that will efficiently get your point across but also allow you to book more, make more and get what you want from your client. 

If you're sending a subpar PDF to your client or a semi put together word document. no no and no. 

We all know how important visuals are to us. your client seeing a beautiful, organized form of your information is a huge thing and if you're not the best designer ever....well, dont you worry, because...we're photographers. not graphic designers after all. 


You'll be able to purchase a template that flows well with your aesthetic, open it in InDesign and fully customize it to match your brand. Change the font, the main color or leave it exactly as it is, just pop in your photos and inject your voice thru out and you're good to go. Send a beautiful pricing guide or wedding bible to your clients and leave an impact. 

I'll be releasing new templates every quarter, so keep an eye out and if you have a request for a full suite to match a particular template you bought, let me know! We can work together to bring a whole cohesive suite to your brand. 



we judge a book by the cover. we buy wine by the label. and you better bet clients love to book someone with pretty shit to look at. its science. 

See more over on my Templates site page. 

Andria Lindquist