Seattle Pop Up Workshop



Seattle Pop Up Workshop 

one full day // classroom style // June 12 


I'm launching in SEATTLE. because duh.

This is gonna be a sit down, listen up, come in hungry, write it all down, slap you in the face, learn and be inspired day. It aint gonna be where you hear stories and meditate, close your eyes and make a wish. Its not a styled shoot to get pretty details. This is to come, learn and hear challenges to apply directly to your brand and business. We will be covering A to Z all that it takes to run a successful photography business with a strong brand identity and voice. You will see my documents, contracts, PDFs and pricing guides and how I cull, edit and blog. We will be talking in depth in a class style setting, with information heavy topics, examples, and exercises. But ya, it will be fun, you might even smile. I am designing this day to be an impacting punch to your business - a 1-day come and get it punch to challenge and spur you on to growth and change.  I will be an absolute open book, bringin the heat and sharing real information you can apply to your own business. With a Q&A to end it all, you'll be able to ask specific questions and benefit by hearing others thoughts and questions. 


  • Creating a Strong Brand Identity
  • Developing a Voice
  • PDFs & Pricing Guides
  • Growing a Demand
  • About Me's that Dont Suck
  • Getting the Clients you want
  • Culling & Editing
  • Curating a Cohesive Look
  • Blog Aesthetics & Writing
  • Q&A


  • 2nd Day Live Shoot // Teaching 


    • Catered Lunch
    • Drinks and Snack Bar
    • Welcome Gifts 
    • The Best Time Ever
    • Optional Meet up + Drinks in the Evening (i mean wine, is that even optional?)


    An all in all straight up smack to your business, branding & artistry

    Need an example? Some more info? Here's an example of a topic we will be unpacking. 

    BUSINESS & BRANDING: So often, photographers get stuck in the same beginners site, about me and online branding, without a voice or presence. What you started out with should not be where you're at years later. Its so easy to keep on shooting and give zero thought about your online presence, brand identity, voice and how you come across online, but your clients feel this and if affects who books you! My goal is to help you discover your unique voice and get it out there into the internet. Your strong sense of self is what will help clients fall in love with and insist just on only you. We will go over the psychology behind colors, fonts, logo, what your brand represents and how to inject that into your site and branding. Small, well-thought changes really can bring a huge change into your presence and how you are presented to your clients. How you display your work, curate a cohesive aesthetic and extend your voice impacts your brand and client tremendously - and we will be going in depth on strengthening this aspect in order to help you pivot to a more confident and professional brand experience for your client. You will be giving thought to the type of clients you want and what your branding does to encourage that. Still sending an ugly word document to your clients hoping they will book? No no and no. We will talk about building PDFs, answering questions before your client asks them, getting what you want and maintaining leadership in your client relationship.

    Sounds good right? I'm not going in depth on each topic online....because, why buy the cow when you get the milk for free? 

    The day will cover so many topics, really digging into each one, we're not just scratching the surface hunny. If you're on the edge of some big growth and just need that push to get there, this will be your one-day-be-inspired-get-yo-shit-together-day.

    And that's just what we need sometimes as creatives! A moment to take that shit off the back burner and really put some attention into our brands before 2 more years go by and we're in the same spot, with the same struggles and weak spots.  

    Come. Let me challenge and share with you. This is open to MEN and WOMEN. yep, you heard it here first. and it aint gonna be one of those days where you feel alone and too scared to talk to the person sitting next to you for 8 hours. No! That shit aint good for anyone...we're coming together to learn, be inspired, meet new likeminded people and remember we have the best jobs out there and its time to take control and grow your brand just how you envision. 


    Shit, we need two days! 

    Well actually....

    I wanted this to be an all in info-heavy-get-in-get-out-day, but because there's only so much we can cover in one day, we will have an optional add-on LIVE SHOOT the following day. This will be a 3 hour Live Shoot and Teaching Session. So much can be taught in the classroom style setting, but then there's something totally different that happens in person, real movement and real interaction. I will run thru everything I do with a couple, how I interact and lead them, how I pose and find shots, what I'm doing and why I'm doing it, how I get my couples to do weird shit that turns into beautiful art, scouting and all that good stuff else that is so unique to each photographer and their special sauce of creating work. In my experience, this has really been where people find themselves challenged to change certain habits of shooting, try new things, interact with their clients in a personal and directive way....and learn in a real live shoot setting. This is not a styled shoot with models and time for everyone to take a turn. While those are pretty, this will be solely a teaching opportunity for me to walk thru the specific things I'm doing during each part of a shoot, interact with clients in front of you and answer questions as we go about what and why I'm doing what I'm doing. 

    Some may benefit most from just the teaching day and some will find a perfect fit by attending both days. Have it your way. Purchasing a spot means you'll be attending the workshop with an option to add on the Live Shoot Session. You dont attend the Live Shoot without attending the Workshop day, but you dont have to attend the Live Shoot if the Workshop day is only what you want. 

    Andria Lindquist